Content Management

Content is key to a great website but you might not always want to go running back to your web design company every time you want to make a change. Content Management Systems (CMS) are quickly becoming a necessity for effective website management.

Both Concrete 5 and WordPress Content Management Systems offer you a truly empowering technology, making it possible for you to update and publish new content on your website without any technical know how at all - if you can use MS Word, you'll be able to use a CMS!

A web based content management system gives you the ability to easily and efficiently change the text images and links on your site whenever you want from any computer.

A CMS offers you full control of your own website with no need to call a web developer when you need to make changes. Using either Concrete 5 or WordPress you'll easily be able to keep your website up to date, adding and editing content. By providing search engines with new and changing content you will also help to enhance your natural search listings.

These powerful and user friendly Content Management Systems give you and your team great independence over your site, you can configure and enhance your content to achieve the site you want.


  • Page editing - The ability to easily add and edit pages.
  • Search Engine friendly content.
  • With a CMS you can edit individual page meta information and SEO properties.
  • User friendly URL's - a CMS gives you the ability to specify the url of pages so visitors to your site don't have to type in lengthy meaningless url's which can be the case with some CMSs. Also making you site more friendly to search engines.
  • User Management - You have the ability to add multiple users for the CMS and to give them various levels of editing authentication.
  • Revision control - tracks which changes were made by which CMS user.
  • Versioning - So you decide you actually prefer the way a page on your site was before you changed it or how it was last week or last month . . . No problem! Using or simple versioning tool it's a piece of cake to revert back to any previous version of your site.

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